Latest game(s): New Zealand Breakers v Perth Wildcats, South East Melbourne Phoenix v Melbourne United (03 December 2022).

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Per Game

Per 40 Minutes

Data sourced from nbl.com.au using the R package nblR.



  • GP: Games played
  • GS: Games started
  • Min: Minutes played per game


  • FGM: Field goals made per game
  • FGA: Field goal attempts per game
  • FG %: Field goal percentage (minimum 10 attempts)
  • 3PM: Three-point shots made per game
  • 3PA: Three-point shot attempts per game
  • 3P %: Three-point percentage (minimum 10 attempts)
  • eFG %: Effective field goal percentage (minimum 10 attempts, Source)
  • FTM: Free throws made per game
  • FTA: Free throw attempts per game
  • FT %: Free throw percentage (minimum 10 attempts)

Box Score

  • Off Reb: Offensive rebounds per game
  • Def Reb: Defensive rebounds per game
  • Reb: Total rebounds per game
  • Ast: Assists per game
  • PF: Personal fouls per game
  • Fls On: Fouls on per game
  • Stl: Steals per game
  • TO: Turnovers per game
  • Blk: Blocks per game
  • Blk R: Blocks received per game
  • Pts: Points per game
  • 2CP: 2nd chance points per game
  • FBP: Fast break points per game
  • PIP: Points in the paint per game


  • DD: Double-doubles
  • TD: Triple-doubles


  • TOR: Turnover Ratio (Source)
  • PPP: Points per possession (Source)
  • PIE: Player Impact Estimate (Source)
  • FP: Fantasy points per game (Source)
  • FIC: Floor Impact Counter (Source)
  • +/-: Plus-Minus points (Source)
  • ARR: All-Round Rating. The All-Round Rating was created by Wheelo Ratings and measures a player’s ability to perform in a number of statistical areas. Similar to the Versatility Index which is the geometric mean of Points, Rebounds and Assists, the All-Round Rating is a variation on the geometric mean of Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals and Blocks. Rebounds are adjusted to rate players who get both offensive and defensive rebounds higher. A value of 0.5 is added to each stat to prevent an All-Round Rating of 0 for a player averaging 0 in any one stat. The formula is as follows:
  • \[\sqrt[5]{(\text{Pts}+0.5) \times (\text{A}+0.5) \times (\text{ST}+0.5) \times (\text{B}+0.5) \times \left( \sqrt{(\text{OR}+2) \times (\text{DR}+2)} - 2 + 0.5 \times (\text{OR} + \text{DR}) + 0.5 \right)}-0.5\]